What Can Wi-Fi Extenders do

These days, everyone has more than one device connected to the internet.  With phones, tablets, and laptops all needing wi-fi, a weak wireless signal could spell trouble for your family.  If you find that your kids can’t do homework in their bedrooms or your connection drops while you’re working in your office, your home might benefit from wi-fi extenders.

Ideally, your router should be in the center of your home to create the most even wireless coverage, but that’s often not possible, meaning that rooms further away may get spotty signal.  Homes with a larger footprint may simply be too spread out for a single router to cover.  Homes with two or more stories may have great signal on the floor where the router is but get no connection elsewhere.

Wi-fi extenders can remedy all of these problems!  They work very simply: you place the extenders near the limit of your router’s signal, then they repeat the signal.  Extenders can make sure the spare bedroom at the far end of the house has just as strong a signal as the office or boost the spotty wi-fi downstairs, whatever it takes to get even wi-fi coverage throughout your home.

Most wi-fi extenders are plug and play, ready to install with just a few simple steps.  Just make sure that you purchase extenders that match your router.  Check your wi-fi standard (802.11a/b/g, 802.11n, etc.), and frequency (5GHz or 2.4GHz), and make sure your new wi-fi extenders are increasing the signal of the network you want to use.  You’ll be enjoying a stronger signal in no time!

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