Tips for Cutting the Cord

Many of us have had enough of dealing with cable and satellite companies raising rates and paying for channels we never watch, and the Internet has provided us with a great alternative: cord-cutting.
Cord-cutting, put simply, is giving up cable or satellite and getting all your tv online. Done right, cutting the cord can dramatically decrease the amount you pay for your tv viewing. Done wrong, however, it can become complicated and cost just as much as your current cable bill. Here’s a few tips to help you cut the cord and get a great viewing experience at a lower price.

1. Look for shows, not channels
Change your mindset and look for individual shows, rather than channels. Hulu typically airs current programming the day after it airs, Netflix releases entire seasons at once, and Amazon offers season passes for some shows.

2. Don’t forget about free tv
Believe it or not, free, over-the-air channels still exist, and many are even broadcast in HD. Your local news and weather, as well as most PBS channels, should all be available this way. All you need is an antenna. There are indoor and outdoor versions to choose from, in all price ranges. A quick Internet search can help you determine which antenna will work best for your area, and might reveal more air channels than you thought you could get.

3. Don’t rush it
It can be tempting to cancel your cable service first, but don’t! Take your time, do your research, find the right streaming devices and services for you and your family. Get your new setup ready, and then just stop using your cable box for a week or so. You may have forgotten about a particular show or sports event you wanted to see, and it can be a nice safety net while you adjust your new tv experience.

4. Look for tv that you already pay for
Maybe you signed up for Amazon Prime for the 2-day shipping, but did you realize it includes Amazon Video? Look into what programs are available there, and what shows you can access with a season pass. If you already use Netflix or Hulu, check their listings for shows you normally watch on cable. Get the most out of services you already have.
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