Three Online Habits That Leave You Vulnerable

By now, everyone knows that you should never shop over public Wi-Fi, or enter financial information on any website that does not begin with “https”. But there are other ways to create problems for yourself online, and they’re very easy habits to fall into.
1. Using Autofill
Autofill makes filling in forms online so much faster and easier. Whether it’s your name and address, bank information, credit card numbers, or passwords, you don’t have to remember anything, your browser remembers the information and fills it in for you! Isn’t it great living in the future? Well, maybe not, since autofill also makes it easier to steal your identity and money or gain access to your accounts. Typing everything in yourself takes longer, but it’s worth the little extra hassle.
2. Accepting All Friend Requests and Oversharing
These are two of the most dangerous things you can do on social media. Sure, everyone wants lots of friends, but if you accept just any request without verifying them first, you may unwittingly add an ill-intentioned person to your feed, where they may learn enough about you to do damage. Secondly, watch what you post that might give away sensitive details. It’s great to let your friends and family know about the beautiful sunset you saw from your hotel balcony, but keep in mind that would also tell potential thieves that you’re not at home. Maybe don’t document every moment in real time, just to be safe.
3. Using the Same Password
Pretty much everyone is guilty of this. It gets hard to remember all these passwords when you’ve got login credentials for everything under the sun! At the very least, never use the same password for your credit card or bank, your email, and your social media. Keep them separate and change them every few months. Another alternative is to use a password manager, which keeps all your passwords secure for you, while you only have to remember one login to get into them, but you’d still need to change that one regularly.

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