Secure your new devices

The holidays have come and gone and many of you now have new electronic devices to enjoy!  But before you get too comfortable with your cool new gear, take the time to set up some security on those devices to keep you and your information safe.

First and foremost, you want some virus protection, and remember your phone needs it, too.  Check your app store for highly-rated apps from reputable names like Avast and AVG.  If your new device arrived with preloaded virus protection, make sure you know when that trial expires and have new software standing by.  There are good free and paid options available for all devices, so you can make the choice that’s right for you.

Next, set up physical access protection – your lock screens, PINs, passwords, and fingerprint scanners.  This protects your emails and texts, as well as more sensitive data.  Most new laptops offer the option of a PIN or password to access the desktop.  If you choose to use a PIN, don’t use one that’s associated with any of your bank accounts, just in case.  If you choose a password, remember that using a short phrase instead of a single word can make your password really strong.

Lastly, consider a password manager.  We all have so many passwords these days, it gets difficult to remember them all.  It’s tempting to have your browser record all your passwords so you never have to think about them, but that can put your information at risk. A password manager may be a better solution.

With all your security in place, you can relax and enjoy your new devices in the new year!

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