Read This Before You Change Your Password

Everyone knows that strong passwords are the surest way to keep your accounts and data secure online, but re-using passwords can be dangerous, and even a unique, hard-to-crack password can be compromised through other means.  How do you make sure your passwords are strong and secure?

While no password is hack-proof, there is a way you can find out if the password you’re considering has already been compromised.  Pwned Passwords is the brainchild of Troy Hunt, and its purpose is to make sure you don’t use a password that’s already no good.  Simply type in the password you’re thinking of using, and the database will tell you if that password has been seen in a data breach.

Please do not try to check any current passwords through this site, though!  Giving a password that is still in use to any third-party site is not a good idea, even a site like this one.

Other services on Hunt’s site include Have I Been Pwned, where you can check to see if your email address has been caught in a data breach.  There is even an option to sign up to have the site notify you any time your account turns up in a future breach.  Of course, the service isn’t bullet-proof, but when large companies can take over a year, or even longer, to alert customers to a loss of security, this site could help you get a jump on anything affecting your accounts.  The sooner you take action, the safer your data is.

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