Public Wi-Fi Should Be Safer in 2018

Wi-fi has become ubiquitous. We expect to be able to connect wherever we are, whether in a doctor’s office, store, coffee shop, or restaurant, and most every place has obliged with a public wi-fi network. Convenient, sure, but everyone knows that public wi-fi networks are less than secure, and should be used with caution.
But there is good news on the horizon! CNET reports that the Wi-Fi Alliance, the organization responsible for setting standards for wi-fi safety, plans to introduce a new security protocol early this year. Wi-Fi Protected Access 3, or WPA3, is the next version of the familiar WPA2 encryption protocol. The improvements in this latest generation protocol are designed to protect users’ passwords, traffic, and connected devices, and take away some of the worry that can accompany connecting to a strange network.
Public wi-fi networks like those at hotels and coffee shops are a favorite target of hackers looking to steal people’s personal information, because the desire to serve as many users as possible leads to minimal security. The designers of WPA3 want to make public networks more secure without users having to think about passwords or complicated sign in procedures.
Other changes to wi-fi standards are planned for release alongside WPA3, in an effort to provide a better wi-fi experience in homes with more and more wireless devices.
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