Online Spring Cleaning

The weather is warming up and flowers are beginning to bloom, and that puts many people in mind to start spring cleaning!  While you’re scrubbing out the refrigerator, vacuuming under all the beds, and washing the drapes, consider taking your spring cleaning online as well.

You might start with your online subscriptions.  How many do you have and how many of those do you use?  Did you sign up for a free trial and forget to cancel it?  Take stock of what you’re paying for and you just might find some hidden cash you can reclaim!

And speaking of clearing out, how’s your inbox looking these days?  We’ve all been shopping online so much in the past year, you’ve probably given out your email address to several places in exchange for discounts or free shipping.  Are they now clogging up your inbox with weekly emails that are no use to you?  It only takes a few minutes to go through and unsubscribe!

How about your social media profiles?  With everything going online, it’s quite likely that your online social circles have expanded.  This is a great time to double check that you have work contacts and personal contacts separated to avoid awkward cross-sharing, and maybe to thin out the ranks of your online “friends” you don’t talk to. 

Check up on all your security settings as well, not only on social media but in your email accounts.  Enable two factor authentication to secure your email, write down those long authentication codes, and take a stroll through your Gmail account settings to control your data privacy.  While you’re at it, are your passwords strong enough?  Maybe create some new, stronger ones.

Clean living online means peace of mind in all your online interactions!

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