Internet vs WiFi

Do you use the words “internet” and “WiFi” interchangeably?  Lots of people do, but they’re not the same thing.  WiFi allows your devices to connect to a network, and that network then connects to the internet.  Read on to learn more about how the two work together.

The term “WiFi” refers to the wireless signal that gets broadcast from your router to your laptop, tablet, phone, or other device.  This wireless radio signal takes the place of ethernet cables that you would otherwise need to connect your router and devices together to create your home or office network.  As long as your device can pick up that radio signal, and there’s an internet connection on the other side of it, your device can go through your router to connect to the internet.  However, that radio signal will still be there even if there is no internet connection on the other end.  So your device may have a great WiFi connection, meaning it’s connected to your router, and still not connect to the internet.

Your internet connection comes from your ISP, provided through a cable or a radio.  That connection usually comes into one place in your home, where it connects to your modem and/or router.  Most modems now have wireless routers built in to provide WiFi, but some connections require a separate router for wireless access.  Your modem translates information from the internet and relays it back to your device, and vice versa.

All your internet activity – browsing websites, sharing on social media, streaming music or videos, or anything else you do online – is about moving information from one computer to another.  Every time you click on a link or type in a URL, your computer sends a request to the server that houses that website.  The server pulls up the site and sends the information back to your computer so you see the site you were looking for.  Each way, the information gets filtered through your modem, allowing your computer or other device to communicate with other computers on the internet.

If your device has a strong WiFi connection but can’t access the internet, the problem is more likely to be in your internet connection.  If you’re not getting any WiFi signal, your internet connection might still be fine, but your router may have a problem.

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