Get the Most Wi-Fi Out of Your Router

Everyone wants to have the fastest internet service possible.  With a typical home using a few phones, a couple of computers, a tablet or two, and often a TV streaming device as well, it’s crucial to make the most of your home Wi-Fi network.  Naturally, the first step is getting a high quality router that can handle all the traffic your family will push through it.  But after that, there are other steps you can take to optimize your home Wi-Fi.

First, choose the best location for your router.  You want to put your router at roughly the center of your home, so as to spread the signal as far as possible to every room.  Next, when you configure your router, make sure that you use a secure password so that no unknown traffic can slow down your connection.  If you’re comfortable with customizing your configuration, you might want to enable “Quality of Service” (QoS) to help prioritize traffic.

Where you can, make use of the Ethernet ports on your router.  Any hardwired connection, like a printer or a desktop computer, will take some of the load off your Wi-Fi, leaving more wireless bandwidth for your other devices.  And don’t forget to reboot your router every so often to keep it running at its best.  Just like you reboot your devices now and then to keep them running well, unplug or power off your router occasionally, especially if your connection seems sluggish.

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