Declutter Your Online Life

With the new year upon us, many people are looking to declutter their homes and lives.  While you’re clearing out your cabinets and donating old clothes, you might take some time to declutter your online life as well.

Take a look at your inbox.  There are probably quite a few emails you receive every week that you delete automatically.  Maybe you signed up for a mailing list in exchange for a discount on an order, or you thought you’d be really into that newsletter of crochet patterns, but over time you just forgot about them.  Why not take a few minutes to go through those and unsubscribe?  Thanks to GDPR laws from the EU, almost all online mailing lists now offer a one-click unsubscribe process, so it’s not a hassle.

Check out your online service subscriptions as well.  How many streaming services do you actually use?  Are there any you could cut?  Are you paying for the premium version of an app or service when the free version would suit you just as well?  Taking inventory of your subscriptions can save you some money after the expensive holiday season.

The new year is also a great time to go over all your privacy settings.  Check all your social media profiles to make sure your posts are visible to the people you want and not to anyone you wouldn’t want to see them.  Google has recently made it possible for you to control your data privacy with several settings that you can access through your Gmail or Google account.  Take the time to go through all of these settings, because there’s more of your data out there than you may think.

Enjoy your streamlined online life in the new year!

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