Clearing Your Cache

One of the simplest and most effective procedures for troubleshooting your internet issues is clearing your browser cache.  This operation can speed up loading time, correct browser errors, and it usually fixes that annoying problem when the site you use all the time suddenly won’t load.  The words “clear your cache” strike fear in a lot of people, but it’s really very simple.  Here’s an example of how to clear your cache using the world’s most widely used browser, Chrome.

To clear your cache, first open up the browser menu by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner of your browser window.  In that window, choose “History” – this will open up a side menu where you’ll click on “History” again to open a new browser tab.

In this new tab, look on the left side of the screen and click on “Clear browsing data” (don’t worry, you’ll get to choose what you clear and what you keep).  This will bring up a pop-up window that gives you a lot of options.

First, choose your time frame.  The default choice is the last seven days, but you can change it to as little as the last hour, as much as the last four weeks, or even “all time”.  Seven days is usually sufficient, but if you’ve never cleared your cache before, you might start at four weeks.

Below that, you’ll see three check boxes noting the data that you can clear.  These will include “browsing history”, which means the URLs of all the websites you’ve visited, “cookies and other site data”, which will clear any saved login information or account settings, and “cached images and files”, which are pieces of information that your browser has kept to pre-load various websites.  This last option, “cached images and files”, is what you want to clear, so you can uncheck the other two boxes.

Then just click on the “clear data” button at the bottom, and you’re done!  Close and re-open your browser, and see how much faster and easier your websites load.  If you were having trouble with a specific site not loading, this will likely fix the issue.  And you didn’t even have to call tech support!

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