Router Insurance Policy


Router Insurance & Support Policy

Rest easy knowing that your newly purchased REACH4 router is covered against disaster. Need help with your network? Support is here.

Router Support

  • Need to update your security settings or wifi name, let us handle that for you remotely or we can walk you through it over the phone.
  • Need help opening ports for a specific task like security cameras, we can assist you.
  • Have questions about your home wifi network, call us and get a real person that can answer your questions.
  • We can track down devices that are hogging all the bandwidth.

Router Insurance

 REACH4 Communications will replace damaged routers that have been damaged due to electrical surges, lightning strikes, or other non-user caused damage.  For an additional $4.99/month, this replacement policy will cover up to five (5) replacements / year.

Router Replacement Limitations:

  • Router insurance is only available for routers purchased from REACH4 Communications
  • Router insurance must be purchased when the router is purchased.
  • Replacement routers will be routers that REACH4 Communications is currently selling at the time of replacement. Should the same make or model not be available, REACH4 Communications will replace the router with a current comparable model.
  • Damaged routers, complete with all accessories, must be returned to REACH4 Communications before a replacement router is issued.
  • On-site replacement is NOT included as part of this insurance policy.
  • Router replacements will only be issued to customers whose account is current and in good standing.
  • Customers who have purchased insurance but have a past due balance must pay past due balance in full before replacement is issued.

Updated: Dec 2016


If router insurance is not purchased at time of router purchase, REACH4 will replace this router 30 days from date of purchase.  The box and all its contents must be returned before a replacement is made.

After 30 days, the manufacturer’s one year warranty and terms will apply.  Manufacturer’s warranty only covers manufacturer hardware defects. Electrical surges, lightning damage, or other damages due to external causes are not warrantied.  If router insurance is not added at time of router purchase, the customer must return the router, the box, and all the contents to REACH4 Communications for a warranty claim to be initiated.  REACH4 Communications will then ship the router to the manufacturer for testing and possible hardware warranty replacement.  A $15.00 shipping and handling fee is required and must be paid in advance before router is shipped to manufacturer for testing.  A router replacement by the manufacturer is not guaranteed based on the manufacturer’s test results.  REACH4 Communications is not responsible for issuing a temporary replacement router.  Customer may purchase another router at this time.